From Dover to Dunkirk

We are here to help you with your crossing through the channel from Dover to Dunkirk. We know how much hassle a ferry crossing can be, and especially when this is your first crossing you need to know how the check-in works, what you can expect, and if you’re allowed to bring your extra large LPG fuelled motorhome on the ferry. We got it all covered!

Dover to Dunkirk ferry prices

If you are traveling to Dunkirk with a standard vehicle and 2 to 4 passengers, you can expect prices from € 150 to € 250 for a return ticket. It all depends on availability.

Two try-out bookings we made from Dover to Dunkirk

Booking to Dunkirk

There are two options to book your trip with:

Booking with DFDS

  • Booking directly with the operator of the line
  • Exclusive offers, promotions, and competitions

Book here at DFDS

Booking with Ferry Comparison Website:

  • Comparison between
  • See alternative lines and options

Book here at Directferries

Whichever option you take, make sure you find out if you need cancellation protection or not. When you book make sure the ticket reflects this need in a good way. If you are unsure: then do pick the more expensive tickets that you can cancel.

Arriving at DFDS Dover

For starters: This DFDS Dover harbor is open 24/7. The Address is DFDS Eastern Docks, Dover, Kent, CT16 1JA. It’s super easy to navigate towards the harbor if you follow the A2. It literally ends in the Dover DFDS harbor. If you need help you can always call the DFDS Dover harbor directly: +44 1304 874000.

Things that might be useful to know:

There is a taxi stand outside of the harbor, so you can pick up a taxi if you need to.

You can’t park at the Dover Harbor directly, if you however want to park your car for free navigate towards the following roads nearby:

  • Broadlees Bottom
  • Buckland Bridge- Near the Dover city center &shops.
  • Coombe Valley Road
  • Danes Recreation Ground
  • Elms Vale Recreation Ground
  • Fitness Fields, Whitfield (Sports Centre) Near the A2 / Easy to Navigate to.
  • Kearsney Abbey Car Park No. 1
  • Kearsney Abbey Car Park No. 2
  • Manley Close = Much parking space and near the A2.
  • North Military Road
  • St. Martin’s Battery
  • River Recreation Ground

If you want to safely park at a paid parking spot for Caravans we recommend the Seafront parking, you pay a bit extra for motorhomes and caravans, but the spot is worth it. Cost? £1.60 per hour (up to 5 hours) or £9.00 per day

Dunkirk Harbor (Dunkerque)

When you arrive at Dunkirk just follow the navigation towards the main roads and continue your travel north, east, or south. In Dunkirk, it’s pretty easy to get a good parking spot, with or without a camper or caravan. Check out the following parking for free spots:

  • Grand Large Parking
  • Parking Môle 1 Est
  • Parking Place Vauban

Dunkirk to Dover

Dunkirk ferries from and to Dover are operated by DFDS. A trip takes about 90 Minutes. An alternative is Calais-Dover or Dieppe-Newhaven, however, Dunkirk is an excellent connection.

Book here at DFDS