pricing part 2 dover dunkirk ferry

Costs Dover-Dunkirk crossing

What can you expect in terms of costs?

The crossings from Dover to Dunkirk are also budget-friendly crossings. The nearby competition to Calais is reflected in the prices as well. Advertised prices start from around £78 for a car with four passengers. When we made a booking ourselves, we found a price of £77. This is for a one-way trip.

So, it’s less than £20 per person including the car. For a return trip with four people and a car, we paid just over £152, about £38 per person for a return journey across the Channel from France to England, which is quite reasonable.

Booking early makes sense here as well.

Dover - Dunkirk ferries pricing

Availability and prices of the crossing.

You can secure the most affordable tickets by booking well in advance. Check the booking calendar to see how much you can save with each type of ticket. Economy tickets offer the best value, although they may have less flexibility in terms of travel.

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