Facilities and information at the Dover ferry terminal.

The DFDS terminal is situated in the Port of Dover. Here’s the exact address:

  • Harbour House, Marine Parade
  • Dover CT17 9BU
  • United Kingdom

Within the Dover port area, you’ll find various amenities such as restrooms, a Burger King outlet, an information desk, and other useful facilities.

Terminals at the Port of Dover

The Port of Dover, though fairly compact given the number of ships docking, provides travelers with a straightforward experience. However, this also means it can get quite busy. Therefore, it’s important to arrive well in advance for check-in.


Dover itself is more of a transit port. It’s not a particularly exciting city with many attractions. Primarily, it’s an important maritime location, hosting crossings from Dover to Dunkirk and Dover to Calais.

Arriving at DFDS Dover

For starters: The DFDS Dover Harbour is open 24/7. The Address is DFDS Eastern Docks, Dover, Kent, CT16 1JA. It’s super easy to navigate towards the harbour if you follow the A2. It ends in the Dover DFDS harbour. If you need hel, calll the DFDS Dover harbor directly: +44 1304 874000.

Things that might be useful to know:

There is a taxi stand outside the harbor, so you can pick up a taxi if necessary.

You can’t park at the Dover Harbor directly, if you however want to park your car for free navigate towards the following roads nearby:

  • Broadlees Bottom
  • Buckland Bridge- Near the Dover city centre &shops.
  • Coombe Valley Road
  • Danes Recreation Ground
  • Elms Vale Recreation Ground
  • Fitness Fields, Whitfield (Sports Centre) Near the A2 / Easy to Navigate to.
  • Kearsney Abbey Car Park No. 1
  • Kearsney Abbey Car Park No. 2
  • Manley Close = Much parking space and near the A2.
  • North Military Road
  • St. Martin’s Battery
  • River Recreation Ground

If you want to park at a paid parking spot for Caravans safely we recommend the Seafront parking, you pay a bit extra for motorhomes and caravans, but the spot is worth it. Cost? £1.60 per hour (up to 5 hours) or £9.00 per day

Ferry Tickets

The most affordable tickets are available through the ferry operator on this route, DFDS.

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