Alternatives from Dover to Dunkirk

Other crossings to Europe: to France and the Netherlands

Dover to Calais

About a 20-minute drive from Dunkirk lies Calais. Many ferries also depart from Dover to Calais With more than 30 crossings per day from Calais, this also helps reduce the price of the crossing from Dunkirk.

Harwich Hook of Holland (Rotterdam)

Harwich to Hook van Holland is one of the best alternatives to the Netherlands. This is also a convenient crossing if you want to sail from London to Europe, just like the crossing from Dover to Dunkirk itself.

Hull – Rotterdam

Do you want to depart from central England? Then this is a convenient route.

Not really an alternative to Dunkirk – Dover, but if you are not familiar with this route, it’s still a good one to mention.

Newcastle – Amsterdam

A bit of the same story as Rotterdam-Hull, the crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam  is a good route if you want to depart from Scotland or Northern England, but not necessarily the most logical alternative to Dover – Dunkirk

Other crossings

Among others, Brittany Ferries also has a substantial offering of ferries that sail between France and England. This is a good company to consider if you want to cross to Brittany or Normandy to, for example, From Portsmouth, Plymouth, or Poole.

Alternative crossings

The closest and most logical alternative is the crossing from Calais to Dover.

Brittany Ferries offers a lot of alternatives for the crossings from England to France.

Plus you can also travel directly to the Netherlands from England.